guest post: hello!

hi, everyone! my name is megan, and i write the little blog { pink o'clock }, which i jokingly refer to as "a random collection of pretty things that i like." i'm so happy to be hanging out in kim's space while she's gallivanting around europe, and -- in the spirit of her trip -- to be sharing some thoughts about travel.

traveling is not something i've done a lot of; in fact, i've never even been outside the country (i. know.). but i'm turning 29 this year and i think it's time to change that. with the plethora of travel deals through discount sites like groupon and living social, there's really no excuse (and p.s., i'll be sharing my must-go destination here tomorrow).

but until i actually book some tickets, i'll settle for looking at pretty pictures of faraway places, and one of my favorite spots on the internet to do just that is .natasha.'s flickr photostream. i've included a few of her dreamy photographs above; they're the perfect pictures in which to get lost, whether you're planning an actual escape or just need to step away from the stress of everyday life for a moment.


all photos by .natasha.


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Oh I wish I had a big trip planned for this year.


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